Why You Should Spend 250 Dollars on Sunglasses?

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I decided to buy a pair of Maui Jim’s and everyone thought I was crazy for spending 250 Dollars on them.  I might have even thought I was crazy myself.  Well they turned out to be the best sunglasses I’ve ever owned.  The Polarization cut reflection like a knife and the frames held up to some serious abuse.
Well like all good things they must come to an end, or do they?  I noticed that there were some stress cracks on the lenses around the bridge of the nose.  Needless to say I was extremely disappointed.   With a little bit of research online I found out that I could send them in and have them repaired for 60 bucks.  All I had to do is send about 9 bucks for shipping and then they would contact me about the additional 60.

To make a long story short I sent them in with a 9 dollar check and I received an email tell me that I will receive my sunglasses in the mail in 3 to 5 days.  NO CHARGE.  They fixed the ear pieces, lenses and sent me a new hard case.

Maui Jim you have my business for life and I will most definitely share my story with anyone looking to buy some new shades.  You guys Rock.

Update: I found a first copy of Maui Jim on an online store in Pakistan. The price costs you around $50 which is pretty reasonable for someone who wants to replicate the style statement. I looked over the prices and saw a huge difference. I looked at ray ban sunglasses price in Pakistan and they were average of over $10 to up to $100 only. This seems a good way to copy the style statement while confining yourself in your budget limits.

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